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Every woman carries her gleaming armor in the form of fine lines and scars that, over the course of time, become a part of her existence. Commonly called the stretch marks, breakage of collagen bonds on the skin is what causes this condition to occur. There are times when...
It's official! Pantone’s color of the year is “Living Coral”. The shade was officially unleashed by Pantone Colour Institute, at the annual fashion. While starlets already have started to flaunt in this color it's your turn to get hued. Shall we start from lingerie? Denim and lingerie is a deadly...

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7 Best Brands to Satiate your Lingerie needs!

SUSIE Being sexy, stylish, and trendy are Susie’s definition of lingerie. If you're a fan of printed lingerie, Susie offers you a wide variety of...

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